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X-rays and Ultrasound Imaging Tests

X-rays are used to evaluate the size and shape of internal organs, such as the heart and lungs, as well as to demonstrate broken bones, arthritic changes in the joints, some foreign objects in the gastrointestinal tract, stones in the urinary bladder, tumors in the abdomen and thorax, fluid accumulations in the abdomen (belly) and thorax (chest), and many more abnormalities that may aid in diagnosis of your pets illness. It is also the most affordable imaging test, and is most often done prior to any of the other imaging options.

At First Coast Vets Animal Hospital we can take digital X-rays using our state-of-the art digital radiology machine. Our X-ray prices are also low cost and very affordable to most of the pet owners as we charge only $60 per X-ray. Most often our veterinarian may recommend at least 3 views of X-rays to properly diagnose your pets illness.

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At our First Coast veterinary hospital we also perform Barium contrast studies. In this Barium series, either a liquid or a paste containing barium is given orally or by enema to a patient to highlight a part of the gastrointestinal (GI) tract. Because some objects do not show up on radiographs (such as plastic, cloth, toys, rubber, etc.), barium can help diagnose obstructions or blockages. Barium shows as bright white on radiographs, so if it reaches a certain point in the GI tract and stops abruptly, we can infer that there is something blocking its progress. Sometimes we can also see a foreign object outlined by the barium trying to get around it.

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Ultrasound (Sonogram) services:

We also offer ultrasound or sonogram imaging for your pets. Ultrasound imaging is typically done after blood tests, x-rays, or a physical examination indicates a possible problem. It is useful for evaluating abdominal organs such as liver, spleen, pancreas, kidneys, urinary bladder, and the reproductive system. Ultrasound can be used during pregnancies to check the number of puppies and kittens. Ultrasound performed on heart called an echocardiogram is used to visualize the heart and blood vessels as well as its valves. This Echocardiogram helps to diagnose various heart related problems such as congestive heart failure and cardiomyopathies. Any time your dog or cat has heart murmur and experience any breathing problems or coughing our veterinarian may recommend Echocardiogram to properly diagnose and treat heart related medical problems.

Affordable x-rays and ultrasound diagnostics at First Coast Vets

If your dog or cat needs an x-ray or ultrasound, call us to learn more about our low-cost options and availability.

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