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Diagnostics & Lab tests

All of our diagnostics services are designed to find out the issues your pets may be experiencing but that you cannot recognize or see on your own. With pets, it is extra important to make sure we are running all of the proper tests since they cannot speak to us and tell us what is physically bothering them. Our tests include full panel blood work & urinalysis to check internal organ function, heartworm screening test, fecal or stool sample exam to screen for intestinal parasites, skin scraping exams to detect skin parasites like Demodex and scabies mange, skin impression smears to detect skin infection on itchy skin, ear swab cytology to detect ear infections and more. We have state-of-the-art in-house lab machines, microscopes and other tools to perform various diagnostics, and lab tests in-house to get results in a few hours. We also send biological samples to the reference lab and veterinary specialist for complex cases. If you have a concern about your pet, this is the perfect first step to help us discover what could be bothering them. Give us a call today to get your pet screened to ensure their health is of the highest standard.

A veterinarian uses microscopes
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Veterinary Diagnostics at Affordable Prices in First Coast Area

Your pet’s health is our priority. Addressing issues before it’s too late is key to their health. Schedule a check-up to ensure your pet is living their best life.

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