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Senior Pet Care

As your pets grow old, it is particularly important to keep their health in mind. As our pets age, they are more prone to develop diseases and other health issues. Senior dogs and cats are prone to develop cancer, arthritis, kidney disease, liver disease, heart murmur and congestive heart problems. Hyperthyroidism and hypertension are particulary seen in senile cats. Hypothyroidism is more commonly seen in geriatric dogs. Aging cats and dogs also develop cognitive dysfunction which leads to memory loss, house training issues, excessive sleeping and aimless walking and restlessness. Geriatric pets also drink more water and urinate more often. This could be an indication of kidney disease, diabetes mellitus and cushing’s disease. At First Coast Vets, we want to help your pets by performing complete physical exams, doing lab work like blood work and urinalysis, X-rays and ultrasound to diagnose common geriatric problems in senior pets. Our veterinarians educate clients and pet owners about senior pet problems. Depending on the type of problem your pet has we may prescribe prescriptions, change the nutrition, recommend supplements,antioxidants, anti-inflammatory drugs and pain medications to treat or manage the disease. Our goal is to help your pet live the highest quality life possible. We offer hands-on pet care for geriatric pets and even end-of-life quality care. When your senior pet is suffering with cancer or any other life threatening condition and if the quality of life is compromised our veterinarians may recommend humane euthanasia. Our compassionate staff helps with pet cremation and also helps the family in the grieving process.

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Compassionate Care for Senior Pets to Improve Quality of Life.

Your pet is a huge part of your life but to them, you are their whole life. The end of their lives can be a hard time, let’s give them the peace and comfort they deserve in their late years.

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